Thanks for checking out my site and my blogs. First off, the name “KYUBALL” is pronounced QUE-Ball. Kyu or Kyuu is Japanese for the number 9. The #9 is my favorite number and originally came from a Sandy Beach surf term….”nineball”, don’t ask, long story.

Anyways, I have been surfing for over 28 years and have reaped the benefits of the surf industry. I have traveled and competed professionally for over 15 of those years. I have also been airbrushing art on surfboards for various different surf companies for over 20 years. Those days are long gone and have now found my true calling…..tattoo art.

I have been learning my new trade from some of the best, if not the best, tattoo artist Hawaii can offer… such as Billy Whitney, Brian Takashita, Justin Hendrick, Jenn Hardin, Jesse Perrin, Chris Sawyer, Aaron Sadoyama, Megan Jones, and Anthony Vicar. 808 Tattoo in Kaneohe is where I reside these days…..unless the waves are up, haha.

Special thanks to all of the artist’s and family at 808 Tattoo, the gang at In4mation (Todd, Ryan, Rhandy,Keith & Jun), and Travis Tominaga who was my first brave soul, he let me tattoo all kinds of stuff on him…thanks brutha…we should all have a Travis, haha.

Again, for all those locals out there……
We don’t BLAST, we don’t POKE…..WE TATTOO!!!!!